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If you talk to anyone who has survived a difficult situation (and they have stayed strong throughout it), chances are they will tell you that staying positive was vital to their journey. Maintaining a positive mindset requires a daily commitment, and it’s not always easy. But I believe that this book…my testimony, will give you the boost of optimism that you need.

The Hurt That Heals

  • As a loving and devoted mother of five wonderful children and proud grandmother of seven darling grandchildren, Chanel Hubbard withstood every obstacle life threw her way.  From the early childhood onset of alopecia to single parenthood and “finding her place” to fit in for Kingdom Service, Chanel learned lessons, great and small.  Each taught her more about herself and her ability to stand in the face of adversity.  In her first book, The Hurt That Heals, Hubbard shares her uniquely crafted techniques for self-love and self-care as an aid system for others who need a nudge of positivity to keep them focused on all that God has in store for them, regardless of how it looks right now.  Every hurt has healing just on the other side of your endurance.

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