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Author Bio Page:  Lauren L. Grady
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Once you understand the relationship, ALL THINGS are possible...

Lauren Lisette Grady has been a provider in the mental health field for over 17 years, walking alongside others to process psychiatric diagnoses, grief and loss, addiction, and anger, to name a few. Working with an array of clients, from children in foster care to military personnel, Lauren has made it her life’s purpose to be of service and teach the importance of healing the WHOLE (self) on a micro and macro level. Born in The Bronx, NYC, Lauren now lives in Augusta, Georgia with her daughter, where they are being rooted to thrive within their new Village.

About the Book:  Life can mirror a rollercoaster ride. Looking at it objectively, we begin to predict and plan out how its MOTION will influence our responses. But when we find ourselves moving from that stationary place and creeping towards that point of acceleration, we acknowledge our EMOTIONS are subjective and unique to self. Life forces us to stop compartmentalizing and experience our humanity. In loosening up those reigns of control, you’ll experience a freedom that is anchored in this beautiful place called YOU

Writing has become a healing balm for my spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.

Lauren in Yellow
iStock-817147678 (Poetry is a healing balm)
Lauren in Purple Lenses
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Lauren's Quiet Joy
L Grady book back cover photo (original)

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