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12 Intentional Genres of Literary Works

It is always a collaborative effort in identifying the best literary genres to support our mission of global community enrichment. Our support team, alongside a group of highly-influential advisors, earmarked classifications where our messaging would be best received, and immediately accessible. As part of the FWP internal ACID test (Accountability, Commitment, Integrity, and Dedication), we customized the suite of predominantly non-fiction works as the foundation of our independent publishing books. As we grow, we intend to expand into fiction genres that are beneficial to community growth and knowledge sharing.

What is Our Responsibility?
  • To publish books that support life/community improvement

  • To promote authors who write about how to overcome challenges

  • To empower readers through self-awareness, responsibility, and compassion

  • To expand the mainstream mindset by providing alternative perspectives on global critical issues

How do We Answer the Call to Action?
  • Educate ourselves on societal issues that will impact generations to come

  • Deliver a quality reading product that holds the reader's attention

  • Engage community leaders through education and advocacy to expand cultural reach

  • Build a legacy of information & action that goes beyond our front door - #ReachAll2TeachAll


Sub-genres include: autobiography, memoirs, and narratives. They are set in unique social/political conditions that existed during the subject’s life.

Multi-Cultural Non-Fiction

Books that address the struggles within and freedom from ethnic, cultural, or religious differences.

Fine Arts

Sub-genres include: poetry, theatre, and art. Books where the information is more about the aesthetic vs the factual.

Health & Wellness

Books that describe ways of staying healthy: how to prevent/fight specific medical issues, nutritional ideas, etc.


Books in the religion nonfiction genre are about the organization of collective beliefs, culture, and world views. Includes holy books.

New Age/Alternative Beliefs

Books that examine nontraditional spirituality or non-mainstream belief practices.


Books that look at the education system, including how-to guides, curriculum guides, lesson plan collections/test prep.

Personal Development

Books that focus on maximizing potential through methods, programs, tools, techniques, and self-assessments.


Books that examine past true events. They are heavily researched and can utilize academic language or be highly narrative.


Books that examine mental and emotional functions and well-being; including self-help and recovery.


Books with a focus on the study of the nature of knowledge, existence, and being from an academic perspective.


Collections of recipes and the history of food. These books typically address techniques to prepare and cook food.

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