• 40+ years of Content-Editing and Management Experience

  • Demonstrated History of Delivering Thought-Provoking Journalism Across Various Media Formats

  • Published Experience in Leading Organizational Change

  • Progressive Experience in Using Digital Tools to Amplify Messaging/Impact

  • Federally-Funded Success in Producing Content for Diverse and Under-Represented Communities

  • Established Leadership in Notable Events and Storytelling Environments

  • Innovative and Strategic Thinkers

  • Unwavering Work Ethic

  • Cultural Competency and Commitment 

Our Qualifications

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Toni oversees the publishing house, manages its budget and leads the overall execution for routine operations and client relationship management. She designs and implements the strategic vision and planning for the editorial mission of the organization. In addition to directing staff performance and managing author retention and recruitment, Toni methodically tracks the evolutionary changes in the book industry, as well as demographic and social changes in the nation. Toni may run select projects herself, developing and delivering singular coverage on critical issues, and she partners with the editorial staff on all projects to ensure that book content is original, well-crafted, and visually appealing prior to publication.

Publisher & Chief Editor

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As the Senior Copy Editor, Joseph reviews author submissions for grammar and other errors before publication. Over a series of content audits, he diligently combs the copy for mistakes, fact checks statements for accuracy, verifies sources, and cross-references with other published texts to ensure the manuscript is all original work. As part of the finalization process, Joseph reviews/updates the title's front matter, formats the content and completes the pagination to ensure the proper layout and presentation. text fits on the page properly.

Cover-to-Cover Expert Support

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As the Cover & Graphics Artist, Helen works with the author and Publisher to produce vivid covers that reflect the diverse content and/or characters within the book. She also works with the marketing team to create promotional materials for the book cover art created. Her proficiency in design software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) ensures visually-appealing covers that convey the author’s vision.

As the Marketing & Digital Media Coordinator, Erikka is responsible for creating our social media campaigns to ensure FWP brand consistency. Erikka collaborates with our authors and other FWP brand ambassadors to expand the collective presence into new social media platforms, while expanding our presence on existing platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Marketing & Public Relations

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As the PR Coordinator, Jaelyn promotes both our business and our authors by cultivating a positive reputation with the public (and press) through various communications, including in-person engagements. Jaelyn works closely with our authors on all aspects of publicity, including briefing authors for interviews and occasionally accompanying authors to publicity engagements. On a monthly basis, she creates and distributes content in the form of our e-newsletters, web page updates and blog content.

As the Editorial Assistant, Shawn serves as the primary interface between senior leadership, authors, graphic designers, illustrators, and line editors. He coordinates editorial, production, and other change management requirements, while ensuring that each successive version of the author’s content in progress is updated as directed by the Chief Editor. As our Logistics Officer, Shawn monitors all pre-sales season orders for free priority shipping and provides weekly sales reports on regular purchasing season and inventory control.

Editorial & Sales Support

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  • Our Back Office Super Hero

  • The ONLY Person who sleeps less than Toni

  • Mr. "Yep, I can handle that."

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