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2021 - Sowing Smartly and with SAFETY for the Future Harvest

FWP COVID-19 Release Statement:  FaithWork Publishing, LLC (FWP) has taken all necessary precautions to protect our staff, their families, the communities we live in, and the partners we work with to ensure the continuity of our business and service to our customers. Most FWP staff in the United States are now working remotely and we have eliminated in-person meetings to minimize risk of spreading the virus.  Our website and social media/networking platforms will be operating as usual.  For technical support queries about digital media, please contact us at  For queries about sales support, we can be contacted at  In these continuing times of uncertainty, we urge everyone to remain vigilant and honor our most important assets:  your health, your happiness, and our planet.

December 2021 

FWP Announces 1st Annual Comet Award

During the FWP New Authors Workshop held in Charlotte, NC, Author Jeffrey D. Harris was honored with the 1st Annual FWP Comet Award.  This prestigious award was given for Jeff's remarkable efforts is attaining more than 140% of his sales goal for his debut book, Called, Claimed, and Commissioned.  This gifted writer and irrefutable Man of God continues to focus on spreading a singular message:  God's love is for EVERYBODYPastor Jeff, continue to RISE!

FWP Launched New Authors Workshop - CLT

FWP New Authors Workshop - CLT Flyer (2021).jpg

Fall 2021 

VN E-Campus Partners.jpg

In October 2021, FWP joined Victory Nation Church (VN) for its launch weekend celebration in Camden, NJ.  At the request of VN Leader, Apostle Yvonne Harrison, our Publisher was invited to attend to support the event via impartation for the House Leader and the home church; and to receive a Leadership Award.  This weekend was filled with new family and friends, spiritual connections and reconnections, and partnerships that span publishing, ministry, and advocacy.  As usual, God's plan far exceeds any that we can imagine; so the journey continues to unfold and this unexpected connection continues to "ripple effect" beyond our wildest dreams.  

Holy Convocation 2021 Flyer.jpg

In September 2021, FWP joined the Progressive Pentecostalism Fellowship Church (PPCF) for its Holy Convocation 2021 in Houston, TX.  Presiding Bishop, Apostle Donagrant L. McCluney-McDaniel, led a weekend of spiritual education on the Progressive Pentecostal movement and services filled with fresh winds of religious freedom that honored the oneness of God's love.  The movement invites the intentional worship of Jesus Christ as an inclusive community with informed hermeneutics. PPCF encourages authentic sanctified living through integral identity, as we continue the spiritual movement Christ initiated on the Day of Pentecost in Jerusalem.   FaithWork Publishing, LLC was honored to sponsor the event and participate in lively forums and networking discussions that centered around religious freedoms; engaging current and future authors to pen their thoughts for future readers and leaders to mark this forward-thinking for the next generation.  

Spring 2021 

TLF 1st Anniversary Flyer (v2).jpg

In March 2021, FWP joined the Truth and Love Fellowship Ministries (TLF) under the leadership of Pastor Jeffrey Harris for the 1st Anniversary Service in Baltimore, MD.  It was a beautiful day filled with praise and worship, a powerful message on God's ability to stretch beyond man's limited thinking, and fellowship that spanned healthcare, community support, activism and awareness, and of course; following your dreams of publishing your life story.  The service included personal and professional testimonies which led our very own Publisher to share her own.  In hearing it, one choir member from TLF felt compelled to sing such a soul-stirring song that you can often catch Ms. Toni humming that same song in the office when she needs a bit of motivation to keep her going.  The message here is: the power of connection is everywhere; and we seek it in everything that we engage.    

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