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Author Bio Page:  Robert Arrington
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Since 2010, Rev. Robert Arrington has served as the Pastor and Founder of Unity Fellowship Charleston. He has been a part of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement for 22 years.  In 2019, he embraced his Spiritual Gift of Seer which has allowed him to embrace the fullness of his calling and actually completed the “missing puzzle pieces” that he struggled with from an early age.  Rev. Arrington formerly served as a Missionary Baptist Minister, originally hailing from a Pentecostal upbringing in his childhood and hometown of Harlem, NY. 

Rev. Arrington is recognized as an Activist for Humanity. Before ministry, he participated in HIV/AIDS work and traveled around the United States as a keynote speaker for advocacy and education for HIV awareness. Rev. Arrington believes in and stands for social justice for all, and has received many accolades for his work in ministry and activism. 

As an avid gardener, Rev. Arrington loves planting flowers and growing vegetables.  Roses are his favorite (as they symbolize self-love), and serve as an important reminder that beauty manifests through self-care.  He also enjoys encouraging people and going to the beach to sit beside the water.  The water replenishes his energy.      

Rev. Arrington does not do ministry, he IS ministry.



I Am Called

I AM Ministry...

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Manifested Destiny

Royally Blessed

Royally Blessed and Divinely Liberated

No Stress No Labels

No Labels = No Stress

Be A Masterpiece

Your Strength is in your Reclamation

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