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Author Bio Page:  Chanel Hubbard
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Standing with a Purpose and on His Promise #AlopeciaAdvocate

Chanel experienced a childhood very different from the average little girl. At five years old, she was hospitalized and diagnosed with alopecia, and by the age of twenty-one, she was totally bald. She faced many adversities throughout her life due to her diagnosis, but she never gave up! She persevered, giving all credit to her unwavering faith in God. Even when life threw her some pretty hard trials and tribulations that amplified her insecurities, Chanel took those hard-learned lessons and used them as stepping stones to develop self-love and self-care techniques that allowed her to “deal (with) and heal (from)”  those tragedies.  These techniques are shared in her book, The Hurt That Heals, in hopes of healing someone else. Chanel told her story without apology because she knows that “living in our unfiltered truth” is the first demonstration to encourage others, letting them know that there is a way out and that healing is available to them if they want to get free and stay free

From an interview with FWP Author Chanel Hubbard, “If you talk to anyone who has survived a difficult situation (and they have stayed strong throughout it), chances are they will tell you that staying positive was vital to their journey. Maintaining a positive mindset requires a daily commitment, and it’s not always easy. But I believe that this book…my testimony, will give you the boost of optimism that you need.

My reason for sharing my life journey is that it would motivate the reader to become more self-aware, so you can be a stronger person, maintain a positive attitude, and develop an optimistic outlook.”

Chanel continues her journey to Live Purposefully and Free!

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FWP Author - Chanel Hubbard

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