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The FIRE in his belly is EARNED

Reverend Harris has debuted his first book, “Called, Claimed, and Commissioned.” It is a glimpse into his spiritual experiences as a same-gender loving (SGL) man of faith. The purpose of this book is to serve as a beacon of hope for LGBTQ+ members.  Jeff uses this book to prove that God has always had us in His plan and will. It serves as a guide for religious leaders that need it as a resource or point of reference.

Harris has written other articles and short stories including: “Translations or Transliteration? That is the Question!”, “Homosexual! No such word in the Bible”, “Who Told You?”, “The Doctor said,” and “It’s the ‘Q’ in me”.  These articles have been viewed in the Baltimore Outloud Paper, QNotes of North Carolina, Unite Virginia Magazine, to name a few.

Rev. Harris has dedicated his life to and for this work, teaching and preaching the Gospel of inclusion for all God’s people.

Answering the Call
Fotosearch_k4161776 (Fiery Praying Hands
LGBTQ+ Keyboard (Original)
Social Equality (edited)

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