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More to come in 2022 and beyond!

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2022 - The Year of Transparency, Self-Truths, and Positivity

New Author and New Book added to the FWP roster!

In April 2022, newly signed author, April "A. P." Roberts penned her first book, Manic Butterfly - The Journey Behind My Smile.  The journey  has not been a straight path, but it hasn't deterred April from her consistent and persistent walk with God.  This book invites you into her mental and emotional metamorphosis as this beautiful being continues to transform herself (mania and all) from an unhealed and traumatized little girl into this glowing, unbound, self-loving, powerful, and HOLY GHOST POWER-FILLED WOMAN, MOTHER, WIFE, SISTER, and FRIEND! 

Stay tuned: more to come as new titles are released...

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