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Author Bio Page:  La'Vonne Lynch-Henderson
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Peace has always been her target...

I was born to parents in Charlotte, NC, but raised by my paternal grandmother and paternal aunt until I was an adult. I attended West Charlotte High School and Central Piedmont Community College, where I received my high school diploma. I am a devoted mother, a wife, a sister, an aunt, and a grandmother.

When asked about my accomplishments, I proudly proclaim that being a Woman of God is my first order of business, and working hard to provide for my family is the second. I am a conqueror and overcomer who has battled chronic physical illness, mental illness, abuse, neglect, abandonment, and suicide attempts...BUT God! Through it all, I have emerged victorious and faithful. Gifted and talented in many ways, I am the Founder of two non-profit organizations and CEO of ShopVonH. Known as a leader by example, I encourage others to pursue their dreams. Dapper from head to toe, my visibility is my protest.

It has always been my goal to help others and encourage them to go on to see what the end shall be. I am a person of strong faith that believes that with God, all things are possible. Surely if He brought me out, He can do the same for you! I encourage you all to set yourself free of all chains and shackles in your life, and I pray that you too, be RELEASED!


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