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Our Story

Founded in 2018, FaithWork Publishing, LLC (FWP) was established on the principle of global community enrichment. We embrace our mission to not only publish books, but to bring forth literature that provides awareness that inspires societal growth. Built on a foundation of thought leadership, our publishing house targets authors – from novice to accomplished – that use literary works to raise consciousness across cultural, spiritual, and other esoteric divides.

We stay true to our business practices by examining each new manuscript from the lens of community  strengthening and benefits tests, asking the question, "does this content really prove the value, quality, or truth of something?"  That "something" is expected to stimulate readers – in and out of the mainstream norm – through diverse perspectives.

FWP understands that the expense of self-publishing and promotion deters many authors, but we have channel partners and sponsorships that help defray our full-service publishing costs, absorbing most upfront expenses so the author stays focused on their true calling – writing.   

If you have a message that will encourage and enrich the masses, submit your manuscript to our team for review, and allow us to guide you on your road to authorship.  We do not guarantee that every manuscript submitted will be published, but we do promise that each manuscript submitted will be read and feedback will be provided.  Our passion for excellence is rarely matched in traditional publishing houses, yet we rival larger publishers in our qualifications. Contact us today to see if your authorship message matches our publishing moxie!

A Personal Message from the Editor

This publishing house is far more than a passion project for me. It would have been easier – and far more lucrative – to utilize my talents in the same way as traditional publishers...where revenue is the primary driver; but that is not the call I chose to answer. The FWP business model is rooted in the clear recollection of a past where my options were limited, and my outcome would have been very different had I not realized that the world presented to me in my youth was not the only world that existed. Books helped me realized that. Books allowed me to imagine a world where everything was equal for everyone, and I held on to those beliefs until a better life was presented to me and my family.

The truth is, many of us still struggle to exist comfortably in a world that continues to find the most unthinkable ways to deprive us of our unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  If we truly believe these truths to be sacred and undeniable, then I encourage us all to speak up!  No more whispers in the dark about under-representation or the marginalized masses.  Let’s rally our voices and give ALL people hope, not just our own alienated groups.  FaithWork Publishing, LLC is founded on the principle of global community enrichment; meaning we reach all to teach all.  The work will not be easy, but the goal remains: we must leave this world better than how we came into it

From Community Organizations & Ministry Partners

FaithWork Publishing, LLC is small in size, but mighty in purpose. Intentionally staffed with socially-conscious Generation X and Y team members, these folks have an uncompromising business practice and unwavering commitment to their authors, and to their brand. The name rings true as every team member is rooted in their spiritual and humanitarian beliefs, and labors in unity.

---- Pamela R. McCauley, PhD, CPE

Director for the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps

(NSF I-Corps) Program

Meet the FWP Team


Toni Woolridge

Publisher & Chief Editor

K. Sharpe - EEOM Ministry Assistant (v2).jpg

Keisha S.

Visual Artistry &
Digital Media

Copy Editor.jpg

Joseph R.

Senior Copy Editor

Money Manda - FWP.jpg

Amanda B.

Accounting &
Royalties Management

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