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FaithWork Publishing, LLC began decades ago as a seed in the mind of teen-aged Southern Belle. Today, it represents a call to action on a global scale with duties beyond this generation. "I have always believed that "words have meaning" because I respect the WORK required to support those words; and I have the FAITH required to stand with my brethren in the struggle."  - Toni Woolridge, Publisher & Chief Editor

Full-Service Independent Publisher

FaithWork Publishing, LLC (FWP) is a full-service independent publisher, not just a print shop. We support our authors through the entire process of publishing – from manuscript finalization and copy editing, to production, distribution, marketing, publicity support, and royalties management. We are different from the norm, on purpose.  It is because we expect a different outcome.

Our Motto:  Global Community Enrichment

FWP is a symbol of the continued hope for things yet to be seen.  Times have changed over the last fifty years, but not enough.  We must rally our voices and give ALL people hope, not just our own alienated groups.  FWP is founded on the principle of global community enrichment; meaning we reach all to teach all.  Each book published demonstrates our responsibility to societal growth.  

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FWP-ACID_test (Belief Creates Facts) 2.0

The FWP business model (including our mission and vision statements) is based on an idiomatic acid test that is executed internally with each new project to ensure our authors are the top priority.  Accountability, Commitment, Integrity, and Dedication are the fundamental values that our publishing house delivers with confidence. 

Company Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:  FaithWork Publishing, LLC is a full-service independent publisher dedicated to helping authors to create a high-quality printed book that matches their vision. With comprehensive editorial, design, marketing, production, and distribution services, our authors have the support of an experienced publishing team while still retaining one of the highest royalty percentages in the business.


Vision Statement: The FWP vision serves a two-fold goal.  For our authors, we are committed to serve as a beacon of opportunity that stimulates creativity and collaboration, embodies inclusivity, and nurtures/develops our authors to their highest potential to become part of the global publishing industry.  Our editorial decisions are informed by a belief in the freedom of speech; allowing the positive influence of diversity to both reflect and shape our culture and society.  For our readers, we want to champion a life-long love of reading and learning; and seek to help build a reading library of culturally-competent literature with substance and value for the benefit of generations to come.


Bottom line:  We believe that we can effect change.


Planning For Our Harvest Season

In 2020, our publishing house continued sowing into our future.  As COVID-19 caused unexpected changes in our staff, contributors, and investors, we continued to plant our seeds; seeds that we knew would yield a great harvest.  We praised God for each hand that blessed our vision in the inaugural season, and welcomed new blood that steadied their hands to the plow as we marched on towards the harvest.  In late 2021, we embodied the spirit of Elisha; asking God for a double portion...double the number of authors from the previous year's roster!  It's that mustard-seed size faith for FWP.  We don't call Him Jehovah Jireh for nothing!  As only He can make happen, the 2022 FWP Author Roster doubled in size, and the releases planned for this year include books of poetry, 365-day motivational messages, children's books, religious/spiritual educational manuals, personal life stories, current authors' 2nd writings, debut books, self-help guides, and the list goes on.   We thank Him for the bounty.

The greatest message here is simple:  You have not because you ask not.  We will not miss an opportunity to leave this world better than we came into it.  FWP serves not only as a place for authors to plant their seeds (their books) to share with the world; we stand by the strength in our name, for FAITH without WORK is dead.  When you are looking for an indie publisher to help you share your words with the world, head to the "plow"; because that's where you will find us.  Continue to BE the blessing that you want for this world...

April "A. P." Roberts joins the roster of FWP Authors, and releases Manic Butterfly - The Journey Behind My Smile

In April 2022, April Roberts put the pen down to share with the world the journey of her first 40 years of life.  This journey is filled with her ups and downs, her successes and her failures; but in true "A. P." style, the book tells of her unwavering faith and a comeback spirit like none other.  Click the link below to purchase your copy; it is a decision and a read that you won't regret!

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November 2020:  Our new author - Reverend Jeffrey D. Harris - has penned his first book, Called, Claimed, and Commissioned.   This Baltimore Native brings a soul-stirring realness to his "church-life" challenges that resulting in an unequivocal understanding of the Call of Spiritual Leadership over his imprinted by God.  This debut is an autobiographical glimpse into what others may have seen as his pain, but he knew and understood to be his purpose.  

2022 Update:  In less than one year, the power house that is Jeff Harris went from New Author to Top Seller!  In December 2021, FaithWork Publishing, LLC announced this major accomplishment, and honored our author for his well-deserved accolades; not just in marketing his book, but also in sharing his message of unconditional love from God to and for EVERYONE!  We salute you, Sir!!  

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The FaithWork Publishing Team is here to help!

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