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Author Bio Page:  April Roberts
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Meet the Incomparable "A. P." 

April grew up with more challenges than most, but had an unwavering faith that God was not only a keeper, but He was HER KEEPER.  As she fought through physical and mental health challenges, April knew that her destiny lay beyond her circumstances.  Though life seemed to have had a plan to beat her down, she held on to the belief that the "how" could not matter more than the "WHO" as her focal point to make it through life.  As the self-proclaimed poster child for 2nd chances, April continues to live truthfully, prayerfully, and purposefully.  This debut book is a gift to her wounded inner child that needed to be healed; and it serves as a beacon of hope for other inner children living inside wounded adults that need to be healed and whole again.  "If nothing changes, then nothing changes."  

The Butterfly Vision
Always AP
Love and Marriage - The Roberts
April's Fruit
AP and Grandma (EVG Mary Roberts)
AP in Pink

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