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This book takes you on a no-holds-barred ride through my life filled with personal struggles, but I also pray that as you read every word of how I was RELEASED from it all, it helps you to recognize the strength in your own spirit. It was initially written through numerous journals to account for the unspeakable tragedies and injustices I suffered from childhood through adulthood.  I needed to remember the hell I went through so I could continue to praise God for keeping me through it all.  It is published now as the testimony you need to know for you to call on YOUR POWER to face the demons or whatever may be haunting you so that you too, can experience the RELEASE.


  • It has always been my goal to help others and encourage them to go on to see what the end shall be. I am a person of strong faith that believes that with God, all things are possible. Surely if He brought me out, He can do the same for you! I encourage you all to set yourself free of all chains and shackles in your life, and I pray that you too, be RELEASED!

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