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God‘s Masterpiece was birthed from Rev. Robert Arrington’s own life story.  This book has been hidden in his heart for years. In 2012, he overcame his fear of judgment (due to his learning disability) and began to pen his autobiography, launching a spiritual and deeply-personal movement by challenging and destroying the "labels" that nearly killed him.  In the manifestation of his ministry calling and life's dream as an author, Rev. Arrington's debut book shares his personal struggles with identity crises and serves as a guide for others suffering from issues about not really “knowing who you are” and the strength it takes to reclaim your “YOU!” 


#StopTheLabelMovement is a warcry for the mislabeled and alienated, but Godly-loved People of the World.  In the Author's words, "Labels are for clothes, not people."

God's Masterpiece

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